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How to Measure Primary Implant Stability & Osseointegration with PenguinRFA

Written By The Implant Dude on October 10, 2018

I often get questions about how to use the PenguinRFA and if it is easy to use....   Here you go Docs!   This video demonstrates how to use the penguinRFA when measuring primary implant stability and osseointegration.  The ISC® calibrated titanium MulTiPegs... Read More

Case presentation: Socket Shield with Argon K3Pro Rapid Fully Guided System.

Written By Ravi Doctor, DDS on September 25, 2018

Patient presented with class 3 mobility & large periapical lesions on #8 & #9 with extensive facial bone loss. Tooth #10 was non-restorable and the patient declined apico option for #7 opting instead for implant. We extracted tooth #16 to... Read More

"Cut through the BS" - AAID Podcast

Written By Implant Know-How, LLC on August 20, 2018

Today we are kicking-off our new blog category called "Podcast Pearls" and what better than sharing this Podcast from The Voices of Dentistry Conference that was held in Scottsdale AZ earlier this year. The hosts Dr. Danny Domingue & Dr. Rusty... Read More

Is it really worth printing your own guides?

Written By The Implant Dude on August 15, 2018

Last week this Live video from The Dental Guys popped up on my feed.  Hot topic for sure since a lot of doctors are printing or thinking of getting into printing their "pilot" guides nowadays.  But is it really worth... Read More

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