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Richard Owens DDS & Reid Owens DDS
Destrehan, LA

Daniel Lester DDS
Alexandria, LA

Adam Quartano DDS
Kenner, LA

Robert Canemzuli DDS
New Orleans, LA

Erin Rayburn DDS
Kenner, LA


This course has taught me much more than I could have imagined. Having taken other implant courses out there that are primarily lectures, pictures, and videos, actually performing the surgeries yourself makes this course more valuable to my learning and experience than any lecture or surgical observation course can ever come close to. It was definitely not easy, but the intensity and the range of complicated procedures has given me the confidence and ability to put these practices into use. If you are debating on whether or not to take this course, take it, you cannot put a price on what Dr. Lindsay, Dr. Patel, and Joel will teach you, and most importantly the clinical experience/materials/procedures/patients that come with it are worth so much more. Be ready to work (hard), but also be ready to come out of the weekend with the knowledge/confidence of knowing how to place implants.

R.J. Guideng DMD - Irving, Texas

I'm a recent grad of the Garg Continuum, but it did not prepare me to place implants even as remotely as well as the three days in Austin. The instruction is beyond compare of any hands on course I've ever attended in my 30 plus years of dentistry. Crestal sinus lifts, Bone expansion, Immediate placement..It's all here. Two days after returning home I used some of the techniques learned in the course. I would recommend it for beginners as well as those wishing to brush up on implant skills.

H. Herrington DDS - Pulaski, Tennessee

I was interested in adding dental implants to my dental office and have attended lectures before but really wanted a hands on experience. I looked at other courses, but the cost of the course plus the travel time and expense did not make them very appealing. I found Dr Lindsay's course when I received his mailer. I am very happy that I made the decision to attend. I learned so much in the 3 days. During the 2 surgical days, I was able to place implants, do bone grafts with surgical extractions, do sinus bump surgeries, ridge expansion, and place PRF membranes all on actual patients under the watchful eye of Dr Lindsay and Joel Gonzales. Having each step photographed for future reference was great. Dr Lindsay and his amazing team were great hosts. The patients were selected ahead of time and were ready to go when we arrived for surgery days. You will be totally exhausted when you depart on Saturday night but it was worth it.

C. Stetler DDS - Wylie, Texas

The course was fantastic. If you place implants or are interested in placing implants this course is a must. You learn by doing the procedures not learning by watching. It's an intense course but is a valuable experience for any practitioner's practice.

T. Warren DDS - FT Worth, Texas

I came to the course not knowing what to expect, just knowing implants would be a new direction for my practice. I left motivated and feeling implants are not to be scared of and its something I can completely do. I now wish to further seek education and start practicing implant placement. The course was very helpful the mere fact that we got to place implants on patients gave me more practice and exposure than any other course has.

A. Soto DDS - El Paso, Texas

I have taken a similar course to this before and enrolled in Dr. Lindsay's course for more surgical experience. Although both were good in their own ways I felt like my understanding, ability and confidence level was exponentially improved from this course. We had a quick but thorough preparatory class and a lot of surgical time. The close supervision was a great teaching modality!

J. Rubin DDS - FT Worth, Texas

Attending Dr. Lindsay's Live Surgical Course was a fantastic and invaluable experience. Having graduated less than 2 years ago, beginning implant placement seemed very intimidating. After researching multiple course I decided that the AnyRidge system and the setup on this course sounded ideal for me. I corresponded with Joel for months before actually attending the course, so knowing I had a rep I could call on anytime with questions or concerns was a great reassurance before even starting the system. The 3 day course was wonderfully constructed with the first day consisting of lectures, scientific data, and the fundamental knowledge of implant placement and restoration followed by the 2 day surgical portion. Having pre-screened patients with full CT scans, interpretations, and ideal learning cases available on "a silver platter" was great. I hadn't heard of any other course that screened the patients as thoroughly as this one. I treated a 20 something year long patient of Dr. Lindsay's; knowing he values his students enough to trust them with his very own long term patients was incredible. The system is so straightforward and easy to use in almost any given situation that he knew his patients would be receiving a great service, no matter the provider's level of experience. I highly recommend this course and this system to all of my colleagues.

A. Bristow DDS - Irving, Texas

I have restore all kinds of implants in the past and was looking for the opportunity to learn how to place the implants. I just started working for Dr. Villarreal and the opportunity presented itself and wow, how lucky I was. The first day lecture was a wake up call to what I have been missing. The next 2 days were a fantastic step by step learning training on real live cases done by ourselves with the assistance of our instructors. This course has given me the confidence to evaluate scans and different types of bones, implant selection, bone grafting, sinus lift techniques and of course placement of the implants . I recommend this course to anyone who wants an exceptional course that will teach you about everything you need to know to start doing the bread and butter of the present and future of dentistry. My special thanks to Dr. Lindsay, Dr. Patel, Joel , Dr. Yzaguirre, Dr. Villarreal and to the other students that I had the opportunity to spend time with. Thanks.

G. Veray DDS - Edinburg, Texas

The course was so good for me the last time, I took it the next available session. I purchased the surgical kit, sinus lift kit and the ridge expansion kit. I used them as soon as possible when I got back to my practice. The second time with the course, I cleaned up some details and concepts that I was still a little sketchy with. The surgical portion on patients in a real world setting is what ALL dentist need if they are thinking about starting implant placement. As a beginner, it is essential to get the basics down, techniques and surgical concepts BEFORE you actually begin on your own patients in private practice. This course is essential for doctors who are beginners or even seasoned veterans. I cleaned up some bad surgical techniques and my treatment planning. When I took the course the second time, I brought my best assistant so she could see how the process was taught. She caught on to the surgical process and is an integral part of the implant treatment planning and surgical protocol because she understands it better since going through the course herself. These classes have improved my implant dentistry in a significant way, both from a surgical and restorative aspect. I also have Joel and Dr. Lindsey as mentors to help me should I have questions. Overall, this course made my implant dentistry less stressful and has given my patients more options at a more affordable price.

G. Yzaguirre DDS - Corpus Christi, Texas

I had already been placing and restoring Nobel Replace implants for about 4 years. On the Nobel Replace, I had three widths to use 3.5, 4.3 and 5.0. Although I placed over a hundred implants, I was limited in where I could place them. I averaged maybe one or two implants a month. I never did second molar implants and the Maxillary sinus was always a limiting factor for my patients. I took this hands on live surgery course in Austin with Dr. Lindsay and trainer Joel Gonzales thinking it would maybe help expand on my basic implant knowledge.

I was wrong. This course positively changed the way I do implants and my treatment planning. This was an intense surgical course that made me think differently about replacing missing teeth. You probably could go to a more expensive course but you would be hard pressed to get a better experience. After 3 days, I was exhausted. Dr. Lindsay and trainer Joel Gonzales were a good teaching team. They were right there by your side correcting things as you worked on the patient. The overall staff at Dr. Lindsay's office was great. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Lindsay's staff and patients.

Because I had already experience placing Nobel implants, I felt like I got a tremendous improvement on my implant placement technique. In the course, I was able to place Megagen implants (about 8) in several clinical situations that are commonly encountered. I was also able to experience a sinus lift, ridge expansion and better suturing techniques. Materials and surgical instruments used in the course were superior to what I was using back home. I was so impressed with the Megagen system and motor/handpiece, I bought it, along with the sinus lift kit, and the ridge expansion kit.

All cases we did were reviewed and discussed. Since the course, I have seen things clinically much better. I have already done 20 Megagen implants, 3 sinus lifts and some ridge expansion. My technique has improved dramatically. I have less stress about placing implants and it has become an integral part of my office. I would highly recommend this course to clinicians who want to place implants and who already place implants.

G. Yzaguirre DDS - Corpus Christi, Texas

This course is great for dentist who are placing implants or thinking about placing implants. No sales tactics, just the facts about implants, the fundamentals of the design, and surgical techniques. Use very high quality instruments, sutures, bone grafts and membranes. Great facility and setup for the course. Gives you a feel for the implant system used with real live hands on experience on people rather than on models or pig jaws. Very well executed course to get you in the driving seat of placing implants.

S. Gonzales DDS - Round Rock, Texas

I strongly recommend Dr. Lindsay's Live Surgical Course to anyone who plans to get into implant dentistry. This is the best way to learn and get over your fears when getting into a new discipline. It is a small group so you have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get involve in the surgeries. If you are already placing implants, it is always great to learn new techniques from Dr. Lindsay or to exchange knowledge with other attendees. It was a great course and a great group, I am looking forward to go back again.

D. Wu DDS - Richardson, Texas

Very good & excellent guidance throughout each step. Never felt alone in any surgeries. The instructors allowed a guided freedom during procedures which challenged critical thinking. After attending this course I feel I have been challenged and gained a set of skills that will allow me to return to my office and incorporate implant dentistry in my practice.

B. Graves DMD - Dallas, Texas

Dr. Lindsay is very knowledgeable in this topic & was able to translate all the information in a manner that I could understand and apply it on the patients during the surgeries. Nice, calm teacher. Perfect for some intense procedures. Great mentor!
A. Faucheu DMD - Tyler, Texas

It was very well organized and the curriculum covered vital data for the practitioner to perform excellent implant dentistry. The didactic covered the right amount of theory to understand the concepts of what makes a good implant system and also learned the importance of 3-D imaging in helping diagnose the best implant placement. The two day clinical diagnosis using 3-D imaging and placement of implants was a great learning experience and helped anchor my certainty in implant dentistry. I walked away from this course with a renewed affinity for implant dentistry, knowing that I can provide a great service for my patients.

I can honestly say that this the first course I have taken where all my questions were answered and I felt very certain of everything I learned. There is no better learning experience then working on live patients with the instructors being there guiding every step of the way. Thank you Dr. Lindsay and Joel for your professionalism and guidance in this very worthwhile course. Dr Lindsay's staff are the best! Their high spirits make us feel so comfortable and they always ready to help.
I will promote this course to my colleagues.

J. Villarreal DDS - Harlingen, Texas

I have recently had the opportunity to attend Dr. Lindsay�s Live Dental Implant Surgical Course in Austin. I�ve been restoring implants for ten years and finally felt ready to implement implant surgery into my office. For me personally, I prefer a hands-on teaching environment, so this live surgical setting was the way to go. This course far exceeded my expectations. Having only placed a few implants prior to the course, I was a little uncertain about the implant placement process. However, the hands on training and direct supervision by Joel and Dr. Lindsay made it an amazing learning experience. I left feeling comfortable and confident in treatment planning, using the Megagen instruments, and the surgical process of placing implants.

This course is not limited to just implant placement, however.Dr. Lindsay walks you through the CT imaging and treatment planning ideal implant placement.Also, the patients are hand-picked to allow the students to be exposed to all aspects of implant surgery including extractions, sinus lifts, bone grafts, and suturing techniques.

There are few courses out there where you can obtain this much knowledge and hands on experience while earning 36 CE credit hours and receiving 3 free surgical instrument sets.

If you do or don't have experience in placing implants, you will take something away from Dr. Lindsay's Live Dental Implant Surgical Course.

M. Holley, DDS, LVIM - Georgetown, Texas

Very intense course. Be prepared to work hard and long hours of implant surgery. I will recommend this course to all my friends and colleagues.

H. Tran DMD - Pasadena, Texas

From April 4 �- 6, 2013, I attended as an observer the surgical implant course presented by Dr. Larry Lindsay and Joel Gonzales. Knowing Dr. Lindsay and Joel well, I felt fairly certain that the presentation of information would be concise, experience driven and with a sincere desire to teach and share. In this I was not disappointed. For the past 2 years, I have been placing implants and had fairly high expectations of improving my skills and knowledge when accepting the invitation to attend. I can say without reservation that my expectations were exceeded.

From basic anatomy, suturing and placement fundamentals to actively observing in the operatories, my confidence in placing implants has been unquestionably reinforced. The lecture portion of the course highlighted for me the small details, refinements and new imaging and product improvements. Additional surgery exposure and most importantly, being in on the live operatory decisions that were being made was the highlight of my experience during the course. This alone will absolutely improve implant placements back in my own office.

Throughout the long productive days through observation and conversations, the attendees seemed to agree that the course met or surpassed their own expectations.

M. Hafernik, D.D.S.
- Austin, Texas


The course is a game changer in hands on CE. Should be a standard of care.
- B. Jason Toups DDS, Lafayette LA

If you desire to be on the cutting edge of dentistry, and have a desire to offer patients another level of care - this course is a must! All of the staff are first class, very open and sharing and experts in implant dentistry.
- William E. Kramer DDS, New Orleans LA

Course was great learning experience for every aspect of surgery . Knowledge of instructors exceeded expectations and I learned much more than expected. Facilities were top of the line.
- Jason Alvarez DDS, Metairie LA

I truly enjoyed this course. It exceeded my expectations. I feel that I can complete simple implant cases in my office now. I gained so much knowledge and hands on experience that is invaluable.
- Cleopatra Thompson DDS, St. Rose LA

Dr. Bourg embodies what I call COMPLETE PATIENT CARE with an emphasis on dental implant therapy in his dental practice. I have been placing and restoring dental implants now for 28 years I am really impressed with what Dr. Bourg has accomplished in offering exceptional patient care including dental implants to be able to provide optimal restorative results for his patients.

Darrell came to my in office course several years ago and he has definitely taken the “bull by the horns” since that time. He has traveled all over the country for his implant continuing education and has learned and implemented all aspects of dental implant treatment. He offers ideal solutions for his patients. Like my good friend Howard Farran says about our current economy:

“in this economy you need to cut costs, increase marketing, add new products & services like dental implants, hold your fees flat or reduce them & participate with insurance companies”.

If you want to make a difference in the lives of your patients, enhance your practice in many ways as well as enjoy dentistry more, then the full implementation of this service for your patients is a must.
- Jerome Smith DDS, Lafayette LA

I have attended Dr. Bourg’s surgical course twice before and each time was a real world learning experience. I have been placing implants now for 5 years and am truly thankful to Darrell for having this type of great surgical course so close to home. I only do posterior type implants at this time and I can tell you that I have increased my production over $100,000 annually by doing simple, predictable cherry picked cases. I now place the AnyRidge implant from MegaGen with great success.

The instructors are top notch and walk you through each procedure step by step. I can tell you that they truly want you to learn the RIGHT way of doing things and they teach us to not compromise the protocols for the best outcome. They truly care about your learning experience for you to get the best results. In my opinion the fee for this type of program is not only a bargain, but has paid for itself several times over. Thank you Dr. Bourg and Team for getting me into implants the right way!
- Aubrey Baudean DDS, Marrero LA

Since attending Dr. Bourg’s surgical course about 5 years ago, I incorporated dental implant into my practice. They are fun, challenging and most of all they change your patients’ lives for the better. Dr Bourg is truly unselfish in facilitating this course because as he states, when he got started, there really were no LIVE surgical venues to attend without having to travel to a third world country. You will have long days and hard work, but the course will affect your practice for the better.

I also recently attended a surgical course in the Dominican Republic with Dr. Garg, and I can tell you first hand that the education you will get at Dr. Bourg's course is a great value and very well planned out for your understanding. I am honored Dr. Bourg asked me to be part of his faculty and I know without a doubt that you will be happy you came to this course.

- Chuck Haydel DDS, Belle Chasse LA

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